Air Cargo Carriers, Inc. has been synonymous with dependability and quality in the air freight industry since 1986. As the company has grown, so has the number of industries it serves. Today, Air Cargo Carriers continues to provide the greatest customer care driven service to the air freight industry as well as many others. Learn more »

Services to Match Your Needs.

Big or small, we'll haul it all. This is a test update. Although we pride ourselves on our ability to transport goods from origin to destination safely and swiftly, we at Air Cargo Carriers do much more than just carry cargo.

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Training to be the best.

Our flight training program is legendary. Far exceeding government requirements, we screen new pilot applicants on our own flight simulators, and train our pilots on them at regular intervals

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Career Opportunities.

Inquire today about AirCargo Carrier's Career Progression Program - SD3 to B777 - in under 5 yrs. with Omni Air International, guarenteed interview!  Email for more detailed informational!

Taking Resumes now for Turbo Prop Captains and A&P Mechanics!


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